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Stretch Ceiling

Supplier of Best Stretch Ceilings in Karachi

At Ultimate Buildmart we provide the best stretch ceilings. Our suppliers for these ceilings are BARRYLUCS who are the best in their business. They never compromise on quality and come up with the most cost-efficient products. They provide a ceiling to a large market. Their products are appreciated throughout the country. They are the number one pick of the people for embellishing their offices, houses, and other recreational areas.

BARRYLUCS stretch ceilings offer a series of products for construction companies, decorators, interior designers, architects, and simply end users. They believe there’s always a way to do stuff better & they can find that way for you!

Applications Of Stretch Ceiling

Color Range For Stretch Ceiling

What Are Stretch Ceilings?

A stretched ceiling is a non-flammable Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) that gets tightened by getting heated on the outline of the ceilings or walls. It gets adapted to any form, any surface, any place, and any situation. They protect in extreme weather situations like floods and other disasters.

Especially Structured Stretch Ceilings

These ceilings contain two basic structures:

  • A perimeter track
  • Light fabric membrane

Other than ceilings they can also be used in wall covering, floating panels, exhibitions, light diffusers and creative shapes.

BARRYLUCS constructs these ceilings most efficiently to make their product the best in the market.

3D Stretch Ceilings

3D ceilings are the most developed and innovative concept of ceilings. They provide people with highly attractive and magnificent scenes in their homes, offices and other indoor recreational areas. These led stretch ceilings are the latest trend. People get them installed to get a variety of incredible views while sitting in one area. These new technologies created at BARRYLUCS are far ahead of their time. BARRYLUCS does not stop here. They keep on updating and upgrading their appliances and services to improve their products and services. This aspect of BARRYLUCS makes them way ahead of all their competitors.

Successful Past Projects of Stretch Ceiling Installation

In the past, Ultimate Buildmart has successfully provided stretch ceilings to a wide range of clients. All the customers have always seemed extremely satisfied with the service provided to them. We feel extremely grateful to learn about the customer’s satisfying remarks regarding the services. The success of Ultimate Buildmart led Samsung to trust us for its outlets launched in Packages Malls Islamabad and Lahore. BARRYLUCS has been acting as our competent supplier in our entire project.

Features of Stretch Ceilings at Ultimate Buildmart

The products supplied at Ultimate Buildmart are the best among all its competitors. They contain the following characteristics that make them superiors over all the other stuff available in the market:

  • They contain creative and attractive designs
  • These ceilings are surprisingly cost-effective.
  • The ceilings sold at Ultimate Buildmart are waterproof.
  • The appearance of the ceilings is extremely aesthetic
  • The material used for these ceilings can be recycled and are environmentally friendly.
  • The ceilings are long-lasting.
  • We never compromise the quality of the products provided.
  • These ceilings are safe to handle and user-friendly.

Beautiful Ceilings with Vibrant Colours

The printed stretched ceilings available at Ultimate Buildmart come in a wide range of colours. The attractive colours make these ceilings extremely unique and attention-grabbing. The vibrant colours in combination with amazing prints produce a breathtaking view for our valuable clients.

Stretched and 3D stretch ceilings can be placed in any building or housing area. From public places to personal residential areas, they can embellish any place with their refreshing designs. A formal workplace needs false ceilings to attract the attention of both employees and investors. Hotels, restaurants and other indoor recreational areas require this embellishment to attract customers. Stretch ceiling is a must-have for attractive residential, professional and recreational areas.

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