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False Ceiling

The Best Gypsum False Ceiling by GYPROC

A false ceiling is an adornment; every constructed area needs one. They are a new normal. They enhance the beauty of buildings, houses, offices, and shopping malls. The houses in particular are incomplete without a touch being given to their ceiling. Plain ceilings no longer fulfil the need appropriately.

Construction companies, housing societies and big conglomerates are always looking for an organization to work on the interior and exterior products of buildings. We provide the best services in the country. We are aware of market demands and local trends and designs. We supply the desired product appropriately. These products always satisfy the market to their best.

The gypsum false ceiling is very popular in current times for rooms and kitchen false ceilings. It is installed at almost every house, office and shopping center. The ceilings of GYPROC available at Ultimate Buildmart are of the best quality. The following characteristics of Ultimate Buildmart make them superior to others in the market in terms of false ceiling designs

Applications Of False Ceiling

Types Of False Ceiling (Gyproc Plaster Board)

Globally Recognized Supplier of False Ceiling

When it comes to collecting material for interior and exterior housing products, we do not make any compromises. Ultimate Buildmart only picks the best stuff for its clients. We get all gypsum-plastered false ceilings from the internationally recognized brand Gyproc Saint-Gobain. They have been in the business for a long time. Their products are both trustworthy and appreciated in the international market. They supply their products in more than 67 countries.

The products manufactured by GYPROC contain the following amazing characteristics:

  • These ceilings offer excellent acoustic properties i.e. filtering unwanted sounds
  • They provide fire-resistant false ceilings.
  • They reflect and diffuse light in an efficient manner. Thus making the room more attractive.
  • The suspended ceilings leave room for the installation of electrical equipment such as air conditioners and electrical bulbs.
  • They have the ability to sustain interior climate factors like humidity.
  • The designs of the ceilings are aesthetically attractive.
  • The recycling material is used in these ceilings to support sustainability.

Varying Range of False Ceilings

  • Gypsum Plain Board Ceilings: these are suitable for the areas where acoustic and structural levels are specified.
  • Fire Resistance Board Ceilings: these are suitable for areas that need high fire resistance like kitchens false ceiling.
  • Moisture Resistance board Ceilings: these are suitable for wet areas like Bathroom false ceiling.
  • Fire and Moisture Resistance BoardCeilings: these are suitable for areas that need both fire and water resistance.
  • Habito Board Ceilings: They provide enhanced acoustic performance.
  • Glasroc-H Ceilings: they are also suitable for wet areas like swimming pools.
  • Sound Block Board Ceilings: They are suitable for areas that need sound resistance.

Material Used in False Ceiling

Roof False Ceiling can be constructed with a variety of materials available. At Ultimate Buildmart we provide the ceilings built using plasterboard and gypsum. These materials lead to beautiful designs of false ceilings.

The Professional Process of Installation at Ultimate Buildmart

The installation process at Ultimate Buildmart involves a series of thorough and attentive input from all the workers involved. For false ceiling placement, the designers first visit the site and inspect it carefully. This step is of extreme importance as the design size and the material choice is highly dependent upon the site where the ceiling has to be installed. In particular, Bathroom false ceiling and kitchen false ceilings are designed differently depending upon the room available. Hence our team takes care of this diligently.

Keeping in mind the notes taken during the site inspection and the client’s demands, the designer picks the design for the false ceiling that suits the site the best. This blueprint of creative design is then approved by the clients. Once the client approves the design it then moves on to the process of installation in the desired area. Lastly, the satisfaction of the client on the installed ceiling is ensured.

Places to Adorn, with the False Ceilings

Roof and walls false ceilings can be placed in any building or housing area. From public places to personal residential areas, they can embellish any place with their refreshing designs. A formal workplace needs false ceilings to attract the attention of both employees and investors. Hotels, restaurants and other indoor recreational areas require this embellishment to attract customers. Gypsum false ceiling is a must-have for homes and farmhouses.

  • Highly-Demanded Bedroom False Ceiling: Attractive room False ceilings are the most popular in personal residences. People wish to see their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even Bathrooms get adorned by attractive embellishment. The most popular among all are bedroom false ceilings. Here at Ultimate Buildmart, we provide them with the best facilities to fulfil their demands.
  • High-Quality PVC False Ceiling: At Ultimate Buildmart we supply false ceilings that use PVC, for our clients. Our clients and designers collaborate to choose the type of ceiling that fulfills all the requirements. PVC false ceilings are relatively cheaper than POP ceilings.

Our Prestigious and Valuable Clients

Our clients range from fast food chains like McDonald, Hardee’s, and KFC to housing societies of NHA and Bahria Town. From lavishly constructed Dolmen and Lucky-one Mall to professional working areas like HBL and Meezan Bank get their POP false ceiling and other interior-exterior designs done by Ultimate Buildmart. Big names like Beacon House School, GulAhmed, and Pearl Continental also find Ultimate Buildmart suitable for their office false ceiling.

Ultimate Buildmart: A Trusted Partner

Ultimate Buildmart is a trusted partner to all its clients. We honestly and diligently provide all our services including the installation of POP false ceilings. The products of our hard work and skilled labour are always appreciated by the other party. We express extreme gratitude and privilege in mentioning the fact that Ultimate Buildmart has become the most trusted brand in the local industry.

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