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Cement Board

Top Quality Cement Board by VIVA

VIVA Board has more than 30 years of experience in providing cement boards for construction projects throughout the world. Their experience, quality of products, thorough research, hard work and desire to grow makes them the best manufacturer of cement boards and fiber cement boards around the globe. They are suppliers of a wide variety of boards with varying thicknesses. The quality of these cement boards is inspected several times before dispatching the orders. These diverse boards have multiple applications in modern construction areas. The clients always find the quality of VIVA Board and cement board colors suitable for their projects.

Applications Of Cement Board

Textures For Cement Board

Sizes For Cement Board

Unique Features of Renowned VIVA Board

The cement boards, manufactured by VIVA Board have distinctive and unique properties. These characteristics of cement boards make them the best in the market. They can be used in both the interior and exterior of houses and buildings. Roofs, floors, ceilings and cement sheet wall panels can successfully apply VIVA Board in their structure.

By utilization of modern technology and methods, VIVA Board ensures the production of the best quality products for its customers. Some of the attributes that make these cement boards one of their types are mentioned below:

  • Resistance to Fire: The higher portion of cement in the VIVA Board makes them fire-resistant. These boards successfully passed up to 4 hours of fire rating test and are classified as a virtually non-combustible material.
  • Insulation to Sound: Another property, which makes VIVA Board, unique in its composition, is the high density. This turns them into soundproof material. Their performance in sound insulation is the best any building board can offer.

Best-Selling Cement Boards at Ultimate Buildmart

The Ultimate Buildmart offer high quality VIVA Board Products with the following useful features:

  • They provide heat insulation during extreme weather conditions.
  • The product offered by Ultimate Buildmart are highly cost-effective.
  • These cement boards protect against fungus, termites and other insects.
  • Low water absorption allows them to restrict the amount of water in buildings and homes.
  • The use of asbestos is prohibited in the VIVA Board.
  • These cement boards are durable i.e. can withstand pressure.

Texture Options of VIVA Cement Board

The following textures are used for cement board, depending upon their uses and application:

  • Plain: They are used in ceilings, roofs and decorations.
  • Wood grain: they are used for exterior walls of houses and buildings.
  • Concrete: These cement boards are used in kitchen counters, tiles and Weatherboards.

Wide Range of Thicknesses in VIVA Boards

A wide range of cement boards with varying sizes and thicknesses are available here. These boards serve different functions at a construction site. The following VIVA Boards are sold at Ultimate Buildmart:

  • Viva Clad: Viva Clad are 12mm cement boards used on metal structures or existing walls.
  • Viva Build: With a thickness ranging from 8-16mm, VIVA build is used in residential and public buildings.
  • Viva Wall: 8-10mm thick partition wall cement board is used in the interior wall of buildings and houses.
  • Viva Ceiling: 8mm thick VIVA boards are also used to develop printed stretch ceilings.
  • Viva Floor: Good qualities VIVA Board are used to develop elevated floors with covering material. Up to 25mm cement board price is highly reasonable at VIVA Board.
  • Fiber cement board: VIVA Board produces different sizes of fiber cement boards including the highly demanded fiber cement board 8×4. These cements are low maintenance and can be used in both houses and buildings.

These Viva boards can be used in houses, offices, monuments and other recreational buildings.

Successful Projects by Ultimate Buildmart

VIVA Board has been involved in a large number of international projects. Countries across the globe consider them as trusted partners. These cement and fiber boards have been used in renowned buildings. The successful ventures of the VIVA Board range from masterpieces like Ruby Hall Myanmar to recreational places like YAS Island Abu Dhabi. The luxurious Hotel, the Venetian Macao and Singapore Sports Hub trusted VIVA Board as their partner. The attention-grabbing, Resort World Sentosa chose VIVA Board for their cement board supply.

Go green with Environment Friendly VIVA board

Environment conservation is the utmost priority of the VIVA Board. The cement boards are manufactured in an environment-friendly manner. The building materials supplied by VIVA Board are eco-friendly and these boards are approved by the environmental management system.

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