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Engineers are discovering increasing cases where the ideal option for their project requirements is Tensile Membrane Systems. Our Tensile Structures serve many different demands, whether the Tensile Structure is the fundamental structure alone or an ideal portion to finish off a building. Tensile Shade Systems, often known as “TENSILE MEMBRANE STRUCTURES,” are ideally built to act as extremely efficient shade modules that are not only financially feasible but often provide a specific area with full shade and protection. A Tensile Membrane Structure is a type of element that holds only tension and no bending or compression. Tensile Architecture is the latest technology wherein the construction of architectural Tensile Membranes brings translucency and curvature. Its lightweight and daylight are unmatched by any other construction method to cover clear and large spaces in interior and exterior environments.

  1. Clipeum Premium Range: Sound insulation is becoming increasingly important in connection with tents, especially when it comes to structures that are planned in residential areas. According to empirical estimates by the Fraunhofer Institute, the rated sound insulation index Rw of a single-layer membrane is 12 dB for a basis weight of 650 g/m², 14 dB for a basis weight of 900 g/m² and 15 for a basis weight of 1100 g/m² dB. Multi-layer constructions can have higher sound insulation.
  2. Heyshade Soltex: Technical textiles engineered for tensile architecture applications are composite products which have different attributes. Our small guideline shall help to define the application assets and support the construction process. Tensile architecture design basics Tensile surfaces are characterized by curved shapes. Tensioned shape must be double-curved and all design elements must withstand occurring load cases. Permanent surface stability is achieved by controlling shape under a maximum load.
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