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Applications Of Kitchen Hardware

System Types For Kitchen Hardware

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About Kitchen Hardware

BLUM®’s vision for an ideal kitchen is effortless workflows, sample storage capacity, and smoother movement in the kitchen. ULTIMATE BUILDMART supplies hardware from BLUM® that allows easy functioning in the kitchen. Each hardware has been produced accurately with the understanding of consumer experience.

BLUM® specializes in the development and production of hidden hinges, lift-up door systems and, drawer systems. Our equipment helps transform the kitchen interface, from our touch-to-open system to the soft-closing doors or drawer.

Door owing soft-close BLUMOTION shuts smoothly and efficiently regardless of how massive they are and how vigorously users push them. BLUM® hinges, lift systems, and drawer systems include this soft-close technology.

By adding the SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical touch-to-open method, the front can open quickly by a touch. One or two power supply systems can be something clients can add to power the entire kitchen, based on the arrangement! Lift systems and drawers fitted with SERVO-DRIVE can be open conveniently manually in case of power failure.

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