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High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Sheets

WILSONART® Premium laminates comprise AEON™ improved Scratch and Scuff Resistant Performance Technology for a surface that is intensely extra resilient than comparable laminates with related appearances.

WILSONART® Arborite: Established an enviable prominence for extremely versatile design and quality With a range of innovative designs and an infinit

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Washroom Cubicles

Wilsonart Compact Laminate (WCL) is the thicker High Pressure Laminate with decoration paper on both sides. It could be directly used as structural material, rather than stick on the substrate. It’s particularly suited for humidity environments, due to its inherentwater resistance. Its excellent impact resistance makes it ideal for heavy duty applications which can be used as.....

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Wilsonart® Chemsurf Laminate

When you need to specify a surface that is resistant to the harshest of acids, bases and solvents – but not at the expense of design and style – Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Chemical-Resistant Laminate answers the challenge.

Specifically designed for highly corrosive environments, Chemsurf provides exceptional chemical resistance in most Wilsonart® Laminate standard designs.....

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PVD Decorative Profiles

Edge Decorative Profile‘s practical yet elegant nature brings a unique finish in indoor and outdoor spaces employing vivid or matte color themes. Their decorative lines merge with the cladding and, without distinction, increase the consistency of the area.

Decorative Profiles are built to provide several uses in conjunction with ceramic....

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Furniture Profiles

Syro offers advanced, artistic, innovative designs and a remarkable diversity of designs, dimensions, and materials. Its supreme quality and a consecutive flow of unique items consistently place it at the lead of decorative hardware fashion.

Syro design provides numerous decorative hardware such as knobs and handles in all sorts of styles. They are built from different materials such....

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Decorative Self Adhesive Sheets

SIBU DESIGN® offers high-grade, synthetic design panels with trendy patterns and premium product quality. The decor and quality they offer are one step ahead of the existing product in the market. SIBU DESIGN® has a wide range of versatile designs such as leather surfaces, mirrors, supple mosaic patterns, and structured design panels to perforated decorative sheets with a 3D effect....

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Miga Charcoal

Miga Charcoal-Shinil Frame manufactures environment-friendly Polystyrene Products and Possesses approximately 200 Patent licenses based on 50 years of accumulated technology.

Eco-friendly polystyrene is various used for beverage container, crisper of the fridge. Since it is complied with food hygiene safety specification in accordance....

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Lamination Sheets

It can undoubtedly be quite suitable to satisfy the personalized requirements of users. They can coordinate with many styles, and nearly most of the decor is very balancing with it to a specific extent. It is highly fit for a small area kitchen, and it can enhance the optical effect of the kitchen space and has a much part in filling light, mirror style layout.

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PETG Board

ALABASTER is a transparent copolyester that offers a unique balance of physical properties and ease of fabrication. This material used for PETG sheet suppliers is the ideal material for gloss cabinet doors that require deep draws, complex die cuts and precise molded-in details without sacrificing structural integrity.

The sheets made from ALABASTER film manufacturers have unique propertie....

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Acrylic MDF Board

Glass-Tec Keeping pace with growth and with a commitment to serve the rapidly growing interior decoration panel industry, Zhihua, as one of the leading acrylic sheet manufacturers, adds another superior interior product by introducing Acrylic MDF Boards. This interior decoration panel combines the look and feels of a solid surface acrylic with an ultra high gloss surface in a....

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False Ceiling

GYPROC is a Market Leader in Plaster, Ceilings, and Dry Lining with advanced, sustainable, and efficient systems and products that promote well-being in living places. The top-quality wall lining, partition wall, and ceiling systems are provided by our broad range of items, including plasterboard systems, building plasters, and gypsum ceilings. Our products reach over an extended range of....

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Stretch Ceiling

A Barrylucs stretched ceiling is a non flammable sheet in PVC which is tightened under the effect of heat on the periphery of the walls or ceilings. It can be adapted to any surface, any form, any situation, any place specially ceilings which respects the quality, environment

The Barrylucs stretched ceilings are adapted in renovation or in new buildings....

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Cement Board

VIVA BOARD is a cement bonded particle board. It has unique smooth grey cement surface. It is made from planted Eucalyptus chips, Portland cement, and mineralizing agents. Wood is processed into coarse and fine flake and thoroughly mixed with cement, mineralizing agent, and water in computer-controlled mixer. The carrier plates with the formed mat are stacked and....

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Korian Porcelanto Solid Surface

KORIAN® is a specialized producer of 100% guaranteed pure Solid acrylic surfaces and modified Solid acrylic surfaces. They focus on delivering their clients with the best product consistency. To ensure a physically seamless look, they are made of non-porous acrylic material. These sheets, along with some eco-friendly designs, are accessible in an assortment of colors and patterns. A Solid Surface sink is usually seamed entirely onto a Solid Surface worktop to....

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Laminated Flooring

Egger® Laminate flooring is a perfect substitute for real wooden floorings. Just beautiful looks alone are not adequate-a floor must have other features along with stunning looks! Egger® Flooring will impress everyone with various characteristics to make one’s flooring life trouble-free and more breath-taking. It has a sleek look, highly efficient surfaces, and easy to maintain....

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ViPro Vinyl Flooring

For homeowners trying to enhance their houses with a floor that is elegant, durable, and simple to clean, Vinyl Flooring is an outstanding flooring option. The Vinyl Roll Flooring of BEAUFLOR is ideal for residences with animals or kids.

Extensive options in design differ from the traditional to modern. BEAUFLOR-owing to multi-layered patterning, varnishes, and embossing processes....

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