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About Architectural Shade Fabric

COMTEX goes beyond being ‘just’ shade cloth fabric. We, in partnership with our valued distributors, provide market leading protective textiles for shade structures and agricultural applications. This comprehensive and high performing collection offers options for multiple environments and applications. The foundation of COMTEX is to provide protective textile solutions to people and produce in both Australia and around the world.

Comtex offers premium shade fabric for commercial and domestic use. We also provide quality industrial, agricultural and horticultural textiles and fabrics. We work with industry leading fabricators and distributors from around the world to provide the COMTEX brand for when it is needed the most.

Whenever something of importance needs protecting, the COMTEX can be relied upon to deliver.

Comtex range of protective shade cloth textiles offer solutions for a variety of applications. From school playground shade structures, to commercial car parks and residential homes, we offer protection for when it matters the most. 

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