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About Integrated Handles

WARDROBE PROFILE HANDLE Perfect furniture does not just add elegance to the atmosphere where placed; it must provide its user’s practicality. Thus the internal structure could be more significant than what we show on closed doors. For this purpose, we have produced a complete range of items that enable a wardrobe to be equipped with elegance and versatility. Fixing aluminum profiles on the MDF board sides creates high-end door panels attached to most sliding door systems. They are used to shut and open the furniture doors and wardrobes, as most handles do, but the exception is that they are in a unique and modern style. It will give the entire furniture a minimalist and exclusive appearance and will upgrade it.

KITCHEN PROFILE HANDLE The Kitchen Profile Handle is a modern and growing form of kitchen hardware. These are positioned on the horizontal or vertical edge according to the type of kitchen cabinets and drawers. They are designed to attach a colored strip to the corner of every drawer, cabinet, or workspace. The primary attraction of this styling is the handle-less impression it gives for inclusion in smaller kitchens. It is durable, easy to clean, and can be paired with the rest of the aspects and fittings in the kitchen owing to its diverse array of styles. Various colors are available for a smooth touch and appearance, which include colors that complement other objects.

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