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Wall Cladding for OT

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About Wall Cladding for OT

The ideal PVC wall cladding solution for hygiene-critical areas in medical facilities, laboratories and foodsafe environments. AM-Clad actively kills bacteria. Subtle colours include white, ivory, pastel green, pastel blue and pastel grey. AM-Clad antimicrobial wall cladding has a smooth, satin surface and the antimicrobial properties are added during manufacturing.  Its active ingredients contain no toxins and prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and viruses – including MRSA and food contaminants.

AM-Clad 2.5mm Hygienic PVC is a best-selling cladding sheet with proven performance across several sectors including industry, healthcare, catering, retail, education and commercial. It is made from premium grade solid PVC and is cost-effective and versatile. AM-Clad Hygienic is suitable for most cladding projects. It is non-toxic and has a proven track record. The colour-fast panels are UV-stabilised which prevents fading.

Available Sizes Include: 2mm & 2.5mm

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