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Tensile Membrane Fabric

Engineers are discovering increasing cases where the ideal option for their project requirements is Tensile Membrane Systems. Our Tensile Structures serve many different demands, whether the Tensile Structure is the fundamental structure alone or an ideal portion to finish off a building.

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Architectural Shade Fabric

COMTEX goes beyond being ‘just’ shade cloth fabric. We, in partnership with our valued distributors, provide market leading protective textiles for shade structures and agricultural applications. This comprehensive and high performing collection offers options for multiple environments and applications. The foundation of COMTEX is...

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Retractable Awnings

Motorized Retractable Awnings can arrive in an array of customizable shapes and sizes. They are a perfect solution to offer additional shading covers on that sunny patio or enable your deck or pool party to proceed when it continues to drizzle and afterward lift out of place when you want the sunshine and open sky. Like Fixed models, Retractable Awnings also provide similar outstanding weather an...

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Cement Board

VIVA BOARD is a cement board or cement bonded particle board produced by mixing wooden chips, Portland cement and mineralizing agents thoroughly. It combines the best properties of wood and cement. It is tough and durable like cement and it is flexible and easy to work with like wood...

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