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Wardrobe Channels

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OPK: Sliding doors enable most of the extra space in the bedrooms and dining room. Unblocked entrance doors when they are open do not interfere with the area. Doors comfortably shut with its quiet mechanism moving quickly and silently. 

OPK is a leading brand in the door roller and hardware fitting industry and regards innovation as its principal goal and motivation. OPK sliding folding door solutions are perfect for residence or industrial demands. For internal and external openings, quiet, flexible, low-friction rolling systems may be used. It provides a noiseless sliding mechanism for a balanced, smooth, and soft motion for wood, glass, and aluminum doors. Users can also regulate the doors via App ios and Android or touch.

OPK brand wardrobe door two-way sliding damping mechanism is an innovative technology with a full weight capacity of 70kgs with great load-bearing ability. There is a damping feature when opening doors and closing doors. The door can bear weight from 25-250kgs per door leaf.

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