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Anti-Microbial Curtain

Applications Of Anti-Microbial Curtain

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About Anti-Microbial Curtain

Hospital anti-microbial curtain is hung around hospital beds in multiple- or single- bed wards to maintain patient privacy and is also called hospital cubiclecurtain or nurse curtains. It is widely used nowadays in medical and healthcare facilities in order to section a room to provide privacy in a simple, convenient and economical way. Hospital cubicle curtain fabric is required to be flame-retardant.

AMC curtain fabric is made of flame-retardant fiber and the feature is inherent, which means it does not fade away after washing. Tests show that the fabric totally complies with BS 5867-2:2008 Type C performance requirements. The feature remains well after 50 cycles of standard washing (in accordance with BS EN ISO 10528: Automatic machines (Type A) at 75+/-3 deg C in ECE detergent with sodium perborate, tumble dry). It can also well meet NFPA 701 flammability requirements.

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