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7 Common HPL Applications For Home Decor

As the world of laminated sheets excels and becomes increasingly popular, High-Pressure Lamination (HPL) can be seen making a mark of its own. It has become a versatile and preferred choice by both homeowners and people who are residing in rental units. Getting HPL panels has become quite a trend, but it is essential to understand its range of applications to totally understand its relevance in today’s interior design world. In this article, we will explore the 7 common High-Pressure Lamination or HPL applications for home decor projects which are capable of providing the house with sophistication and long-term style.

Kitchen Countertops

Applying High pressure laminate panels on kitchen countertops is considerably one of the most common applications of HPL sheets and panels. It is used commonly due to its extremely durable technology and its resistance to stains, scratches, and even heat. Compared to natural stone surfaces, High pressure lamination is a cost-effective option. This makes it great for people who have a smaller budget and cannot afford expensive materials. Other than that, they come in a large variety of designs and imitations. Whether you want natural stone, or wood imitation, HPL paneling can be opted for, as they are high-quality imitations.

athroom Vanities

High Pressure Laminate panels are extremely popular for bathroom vanities. This is due to their resistance to moisture and humidity. Due to their moisture resistant and humid resistant technology, they are extremely easy to clean, and do not withhold any water stains. In an area like bathrooms, where there is a lot of daily traffic, easy maintenance is absolutely important. HPL sheets and panels come in a large variety of designs and colors, helping individuals find a design that matches the aesthetic of their bathroom’s interior easily.

Cabinetry And Storage Units

High-pressure laminate panels are commonly used in cabinets and storage units. They are applied on the exterior of these cabinets and storage units, and can be used in each and every room of the house. From kitchen cabinets, bedroom cupboards, to storage units, HPL sheets come in a wide range of interior designs, making them capable of completely changing the aesthetic of each and every room. They’re also available in a large number of textures, from high gloss to matte.

Wall Cladding And Paneling

High pressure laminate panels are also used for wall cladding and paneling to add visual interest and depth into the interior design of the room. Whether you wish to create an accent wall in your bedroom, add depth into the kitchen, or install a backsplash in your bathroom, with the help of HPL panels, this task may become quite easy. They are extremely durable and also stylish, making them ideal for almost all rooms in your house. With different kinds of finishes like sleek or embossed surfaces, individuals can use HPL to wall clad their rooms to increase its aesthetic appeal significantly.


It may not be as common as other applications, but the usage of High-Pressure Laminate is extremely convenient for flooring applications. It is a durable and cost-effective option, as flooring requires a large amount of panels to completely fit in. HPL paneling is also done in wood grain patterns, stone finishes, and even geometric designs, which allows homeowners to achieve the look of premium and high quality materials at a considerably cheaper price. High Pressure Laminate panels are also scratch resistant, and quite easy to clean, making HPL floor quite easy to maintain and keep clean. 


HPL or laminate panels are commonly used to cover the exterior of furniture to protect them, as well as give them a new look. Tables, shelves, desks and entertainment units are most commonly covered by High pressure laminate panels. Considering the fact that high-pressure laminate panels come in a large variety of designs and colors, individuals can create aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces with  an economically sound budget. Whether you wish to furnish your home office, dining room, or living room tables, it is best to invest in HPL panel, to have furniture that is easy to clean and can withstand rigorous daily use. 

Exterior Cladding

High-pressure laminate panels are not only constricted to interior furniture or applications, but are commonly used for exterior applications, too.They offer many benefits like durability, heat resistance, ease in cleaning, they are also resistant to weather. This makes them the ideal choice to enhance the aesthetic appeal of one’s home. With the wide range of colors, designs, finishes, textures, and imitations available, HPL exterior cladding is a great way to customize your house’s architectural appeal and create a style that suits your preferences.

Individuals who wish to revamp their houses design both internally and externally, can invest in HPL panels from Ultimate BuildMart. With many beneficial features, and cost effectiveness, our panels are available for a larger demographic making them ideal for a larger variety of budget and aesthetic choices. 

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