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10 Unique Ways To Revamp Your Living Spaces Designs With Modern Laminate

Trying to revamp living spaces is a task that requires a lot of consideration and understanding of interior design, but with the help of Formica laminate sheets, this task becomes comparatively easy. In the recent few years, laminate sheets have seen themselves take a rather innovative turn and transcend their normal use to turn into appealing, modern, and stylish as well as durable solutions for revamping modern living spaces. With the larger variety of materials and designs being used, laminate has become a rather popular and cost-effective choice for homeowners who wish to have aesthetic solutions without breaking the bank.

How To Revamp Modern Living Spaces With Laminate Designs?

From kitchen countertops to flooring and cabinets, laminate offers endless solutions for revamping one’s living space. The countless possibilities of enhancing visual appeal, and the functionality of a certain area make it the perfect option for all homeowners. Let us take a look at the 10 most unique ways to revamp your living space with modern laminate designs, under formica laminate designs from Ultimate Build Mart, a leading laminate sheets provider for home decor:

Statement Walls

Create a middle point in the whole room by applying laminate sheets on just one wall. For bold patterns, and striking colors, to make the wall as a focal point of the whole room. Whether you like metallic finishes, wooden textures, or vibrant colors, try to choose a laminate design that strikes as an expression of your personal style.

Customized Cabinetry

Change the look of your house’s cabinets completely with the help of laminate sheets. Apply laminate sheets in different colors, textures and patterns in contrast with the rooms, and create a striking contrast with the room. You can apply laminate sheets on the cabinets of your kitchen or bathroom. They are perfect for kitchen and bathrooms as they are easy to clean.

Creative Countertops

Upgrade the countertops on your kitchen and bathroom with the help of laminated sheets. Choose patterns like marble, granite, or marble stone to mimic the look of original stones. Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology, laminate companies can also mimic the texture of unique patterns, further adding to the illusion. Try to explore unique edges or sink integrated laminate designs.

Sleek Backsplashes

Elevate the design of your kitchen and bathroom by using sleek backsplashes. From designs like subway tiles, geometric patterns, and even mosaic designs, you can completely change the aesthetic of the living spaces. They are great for areas with moisture as they protect the walls from moisture and stains, and are quite easy to clean too.

Dynamic Flooring

Completely change the look of your boring flooring with laminate floorings. Be it wooden floorings, or tile, laminate sheets can combine their durability with the functionality of laminate to create completely integrated designs. Different grain textures and high-definition patterns can be chosen with different plant sizes, thickness, colors, and finishes to achieve an expensive and expansive look for your house flooring. 

Floating Shelves And Storage

If you are struggling with storage in your house, try to invest in floating shelves and storage options which have been layered with laminate designs. Whether you wish to display your favorite books or showcase your collectible figurines, floating shelves and storages clad in laminate designs can be quite an appealing option.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Loving in small spaces means having to invest in multi-functional furniture that can do two kinds of tasks at once. Invest in dual function furniture with laminate finish on top, like sofa beds or extendable dining tables or even storage ottomans, to create versatile and practical options with a functional use in small living spaces.

Designer Doors

Invest in laminated doors to create statement entries in every room of the house. There are a large variety of colors, and finishes to choose from like high-gloss, matte, and textured doors to enhance the architectural structure of your doors. There are so many possibilities with the kind of doors that can be chosen with laminated designs.

Creative Wall Art

Try to add a sort of personal style in your living space by custom laminated patterns. Experiment with different geometric patterns, designs, creative graphics, and shapes, to create unique and highly personal laminate panels that can be attached on the walls, to add depth and warmth into the living spaces. 

Outdoor Oasis

Laminate is not constricted to indoor living spaces but can be applied to outdoor spaces like patios furniture, decking to outdoor kitchens, and pergolas, to create a welcoming and humble appearance for all outdoor living spaces. 

To conclude it, we can say without a doubt that the laminate designs provided by Ultimate BuildMart have countless ways to be used and can be able to create hundreds of possibilities to revamp your living space with both functionality and aesthetically pleasing styles. Whether you wish to change the design of one room or wish to completely change the whole house’s aesthetic, the cost-effective formica laminate sheets provided by Ultimate BuildMart can be the most considerable option of all. With a myriad of colors, designs, textures, and finishes, laminate sheets can be used to unleash one’s true artistic side and completely revamp the living spaces

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